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Chapter 50: An Introduction to Ecology and the Biosphere July 13, 2009 Monday

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The beginning to Bio AP is kind of interesting.

Chapter 50 started on page 1080 and ended on page 1103. Let’s see how many pages is that..23 pages. Well 23 pages may not sound like a lot to read, but to have about 60 words to define and give examples, it took me awhile. It was weird though, I actually wanted to learn about Ecology and the Biosphere.

So hear is what I learned:

Ecology is the scientific study of the interactions between organisms and the environment. These interactions determine both the distribution of organisms and their abundance, leading to three questions that ecologists ask about organisms: Where do they live? Why do they live where they do? And how many are there?

Yea..I know that sounds so boring, but if fascinated me. Oh hear is something else that I found interesting:

Ecological time is like minutes, months, and years. Basically a small scale of time.

Evolutionary time is a larger scale of time like decades, centuries, millennia, and even longer.

So here is the interesting part. Ecological time can actually change into evolutionary time. For example, hawks prey on mice that they can see from the sky. After awhile the population of mice begins to reduce in number and the gene pool is altered. So as a result the number of mice with camouflaged fur increases which is an evolutionary effect. Where as the hawk eating the mice is an ecological effect.

Yea maybe not as interesting as you thought it might have been, but oh well.

Well that isn’t all I learned, but if i decided to write everything I learned it would take up to much space. A very brief summary will do..

I basically learned about the ecosystem.

See how brief that was. Well after spending hours of working on the first chapter, with many breaks in between I finally decided it was time to stop working.

Which brings me to my next topic, Facebook games. I can’t believe how addicted I have become. I play at least 2 hours of facebook games and it is very difficult to stop me from playing. Waka-Waka, Biotronics-Pixel Ranger, and some other typing games. I might not be good at them but I can’t stop playing. I guess it is the feeling of almost getting ahead of someone else that drives me to play so often. I can’t really do the typing game because I can only type fast when the words are already set in my mind.

So yea…I better get back to the books or maybe I will try my luck with another round of Facebook games.



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