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I have been thinking July 12, 2009 Sunday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, Home.



Howgwarts is a place where magic happens.

This is going to sound really weird, but I am actually happy that I am home. After all of the events that have happened the following days it is a relief to finally be back to somewhere, where you feel like you belong. I sat down today watching the whole Harry Potter movie series. I usually don’t enjoy sitting and watching movie one right after the other, but as you can see I sat in front of my televison amused at the action on the old bulky screen.

This brings me to my next thought that occured to me that day. Do you see all the clutter in front of my television? Well my mom suddenly decided to do some spring cleaning…two months ago. Yes, that clutter is two months old and hasn’t been moved an inch. I feel that as I sit here looking at the picture I should really move the boxes and get to some “summer” cleaning.

Thought number three: I like how my living room is placed in the area with the most sunglight. You cannot see it in the picture but there are three windows behind me, which are opened in the summer time. While relaxing in front of the telvision I can feel the cool summer breeze on some occasions that makes it almost impossible to leave my comfortable position. On numerous occasions I have fallen asleep on these couches watching a few hours of television. For some reason the openess of my living room makes me feel ten times more comfortable. It as though I am lying in a park with the summer breeze in my face and the comfortable grass beneath me. (My couches are green which makes me imagine the green grass.)

Another thought: The black table pictured is broken. I noticed that my parents do not like to throw anything out that is not totally broken. Which leads me to believe that I am the same way because I have absorbed their personality traits. I have never had enough time or patience to throw any of my old memorablia out. It seems that if I throw something out I might be losing a little bit of my past. Now I don’t have a huge room filled with garbage of my past, but I do have some things that can remind me of my mistakes and of other precious memories.

I am a clean person and my room will not show you that.



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