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Matt Johnson and Kim Johnson July 9, 2009 Thursday

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The best things in life are always FREE.

I went to my first concert with Tram, Jeremy, Narmin, and Josh. It was free and I thought “why not?”. We mainly went there to see Matt & Kim, but had to wait until 8:30 to see them perform. (The concert began at 6) Before Matt & Kim came on there were two other “acts” that performed some band named Team Robespierre and a DJ. Both “acts” were an hour long..and the first band sucked so much. (plus they were rude.)

In the meantime, I experienced many new things. Number one: smokers surrounding me. I was literally engulfed by a smog of cigarette smoke. The smell of cigarette smoke makes me feel sick, so being surrounded by it was a challenge. Apart of me wished I had some superhuman power to put out their lights. Not only was their smoke, but there was also a lot of very close and uncomfortable contact. So much body heat..so much touching. *cringes* Anyway once Matt & Kim came on, after waiting for two hours, the crowd went wild. All of a sudden there was a sway in the crowd and I would begin to lose my friends. At one point we were all linked by the arms so we would not lose each other. During the show they threw out CDs, shirts, and some other small mysterious objects. I was not able to get any. (Matt & Kim are such nice people.)

Once the show was over we literally ran threw the crowd pushing and shoving anyone who got in our way. Back on the streets of New York Tram, Jeremy, and I became hungry. We soon found a place to eat and rest. We reached New Jersey quiet late.

Yet another day spent away from home. Thank you again Jeremy.



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