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Welcome Back Jeremy! July 3, 2009 Friday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, Friends, Home, Work.
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Pictochatting with Jeremy changes to Sextochatting.

So Jeremy came back from California and I was planning on visiting him early, but due to freaking work I had to come by a little later. Around 6ish I stopped by his house and hung out for awhile. We (well I) decided that we should walk to my house and Jeremy thought maybe he would sleep over. (spontaneous right?) Well we walked around and as usual my mother would not stop nagging me to get home. We hung out with Michi at my house for awhile and then walked her home. After, Jeremy and I stayed awake for hours. (We stayed awake until 7:30(that is a different day but it was the same experience) We talked about things we would have never heard and did things that you can’t imagine. (playing cards) Disappointingly, Jeremy fell asleep and I was beginning to get tired myself. When I woke up it was 11 and Jeremy had called for his ride home. (He didn’t even eat breakfast) Sleep and dash.

My mom needs to get a life.



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