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My Thoughts are Mine June 30, 2009 Tuesday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Family, Mall.
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Please don’t force me to tell you what is on my mind.

I started out today by going to the mall with my mom and my grandmother. Yea, yea. I know loser. Well I went to the mall and got a lot more than I expected. (partly because of all the sales there.) I still wanna get these cool shoes there, but maybe later. (they could be school shoes.)

Anyway, when I got home I found out that my Uncle Arthur and my Aunt Vilma had come over unannounced. It was pretty late and I was tired from all the shopping and walking. All of a sudden, my uncle decides to take us out and almost everyone of us are unwilling to go. He literally forces all out to bring us out to some Peruvian place at 11 at night. While driving he decides that it would be the perfect time to talk to me about everything. He starts talking to me about school and I tell him how I feel that I have not really tried this year. Instead of helping me, he points out the obvious things that I have already told him and I begin to get annoyed at the converstaion.

This is when I begin to text a lot.

We have been driving for almost 30 minutes when we decide to get pizza. We sit in the car and have the most awkward conversation ever. Do you know what sexting is? Neither did I, until after our talk. This conversation lasted 20 minutes and made me feel uncomfortable to no end. The question varied from: “Do you send partly nude pictures to anyone?” or “Do you receive any partly nude picture to anyone?” or “Do you sext?” WTFREAK!!! So he ended up telling me that sexting is illegal and I could get tried as a sexual predator.

I had no idea what sexting was and I wish I didn’t know.



1. kxlly - July 2, 2009 Thursday

Lol, sexting.

2. Jeremy - July 3, 2009 Friday

Can’t believe you didn’t know.

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