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NJ Anime June 29, 2009 Monday

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These days I have to myself are starting to get boring.

Take the 13 Bus. Pay $2.80. Get off. Take the 76 Bus. Pay $1.30. Get off. Take the 165 Bus. Pay $1.35. Arrive at work one hour early. I guess I could say that is how my day went. This might be shocking but this is my first time on a bus not knowing where I am going. Usually I have a group of people leading me, but today it was just my brother. I woke up at 7:30 just to get to work at 11 and to top it all of I was an hour early. The only thing that amused on the bus ride were the interesting people I met while riding. First interesting person was a girl trying to get on the bus with a train ticket. Failed attempt. Second interesting person or I should say people were these group of Spanish mothers who just met getting into a conversation so quickly. Last and most interesting person was some lady or man I don’t even know, but he/she had very bad make up on. It was white make-up and she was tan skinned. (now that I think of it she remined me of a geisha.)

When I finally got to work I had a 7 hour schedule, but for some reason it felt so short. It was probably due to the lack of customers. I am waiting for Wedensday and Thursday because those are my days off. I also decided to take of July 10th, 11th, and 12th so I am kind of hoping for something to happen. With work and family matters I have barely had time to hang out with my friends. I am kind of starting to miss them.

I didn’t proofread this at all.

P.S. It is getting so hot these days, I can almost feel the beach calling me.



1. The Informal Matriarch - June 29, 2009 Monday

ha ha ha I love people watching and looking at all the crazies!

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