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{Idiot}-あなたは、ばか-(Baka) June 26, 2009 Friday

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Rain rain go away..why did you have to come today?


Rain rain go away..why did you have to come today?

I wished for rain and guess what..I got it. I had wished that it would rain last night during work so no customers would come. Ten minutes before I was about to leave work and it rains. Just my luck. It is like they say be careful what you wish for. Stupid rain ruined my plans of going to the movies or just chilling with my friends. Oh well..I have the rest of the summer ahead of me. After watching an anime it gave Jeremy and I inspiration to make this summer the most active ever. No matter what I won’t be lazy. This picture was taken in my car while I was sitting in the back seat. I was really trying to get a picture of a car splashing the puddles of water as they drove by. Then all of a sudden this girl, soaked, on her bike passed by and I said to myself “why not?” At the moment I am busy watching anime, so far I have finished two. Summer brings out the nerd in me…

One of these days when it rains hard like this again my friends and I will run around. (maybe)



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