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“Wow you got so tall!” June 25, 2009 Thursday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Family.
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I don’t wanna bloom into an adult. I just wanna stay a kid forever.

I really enjoyed the flowers that were blooming in my front/backyard today. They had some sort of effect on my mood and made me feel more calm. I looked at the swing set in the backyard of my aunts house and it made me realize how short of a time I have left as a kid. Once high school is done, people say you endure the hardest years of your life.

Jeffrey graduated today, the first one in my family on their way to college. When I graduate I don’t have a doubt in my mind that my family will be there for me screaming their lungs out. Mark the date..oh wait..I don’t know what day I graduate. I should look into that later.

P.S. I went to Jeremy’s house to drop off my camera, since he is leaving tomorrow. I ended up staying there until 11:40ish and then getting a ride home. I left my keys at his house and he won’t be home for a week…great..oh and I left my wrist/headband there.



1. Su - June 26, 2009 Friday

Nice picture of flowers. It is appreciated.

mrvangeldren - June 26, 2009 Friday

thanks! ;]

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