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You are the Oldest June 22, 2009 Monday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, Friends, Walking.



These chucks have been through so much this year.

Job hunting. Job hunting. Job hunting. Those are the only two words that can describe my day. I went with Michi and Jeremy around the area to look for job opportunities. Walgreens. DunkinDonuts. RiteAid. CVS. Carvel. The walk made it feel like we went to so many more places. (I just noticed that my pictures have almost nothing to do with my day.)

Maybe now I can finally quit White Castle. Cross your fingers.



1. kxlly - June 23, 2009 Tuesday

Hey, that’s a cute shot.
The picture does have to do with your day! Your shoes are what protect your feet every day, silly bean. You walked walked walked all day in those shoes.

2. mrvangeldren - June 23, 2009 Tuesday

I walked all year with those shoes. LOL but that is the least thing to do with my day. I WILL HAVE MORE ACTION SHOTS. WITH PEOPLE AND PLACES AND OTHER THINGS uhhhh like FOOD..and RACKETS…tennis anyone?!

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