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A Beautiful Crane June 20, 2009 Saturday

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Sometimes life deals you a hand that you never saw coming.

A friend (Tram) was in tears and I tried my best to get her mind off of everything. Although I thought I wasn’t helping her at all, she reassured me that I was. “It may hurt so much now, but when you get through all of this you will be a better person.” I watched Amelie, a French movie, with Jeremy and Tram. I thought it was a pretty good movie.  Jeremy and I tried are hardest to be there for Tram. I came upon the realization that although I couldn’t help Tram me being there sufficed.  Much of the advice I gave her was advice I was giving to myself. I left Jeremy’s house feeling like this summer would start out well. I have finally figured out what I want and it feels great. Oh! I taught Jeremy to play a Vietnamese card game, which I lost every round.

It is better to have a few genuine friends, than to have many fake friends.



1. Jeremy - June 20, 2009 Saturday

You were right when you said you were being blunt.

2. mrvangeldren - June 20, 2009 Saturday

Is it bad?

3. kxlly - June 20, 2009 Saturday

I love Tram.

4. Jeremy - June 20, 2009 Saturday

Maybe it’s just our different philosophies. I live life not revealing too much.

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