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The Usual is Boring. June 11, 2009 Thursday

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A lion in his cage will do nothing but sleep.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Riiiinnng. Runs out of class with a smile. Searches for friends. Finds them. Leaves school. Drives around.  Plays basketball. “We totally beat you guys!” Drives around. Beep! Beep! “Come outside Jer!” Talk. Talk.  Talk. Talk. TALK! “Come with us Jer!” BEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP!! Enters car. SLAAAAM! Wooooshh. Off to Bloomfield. “WAKE UP JER!!” Stops in front of house. “Hi there!” Puts sunglasses on. Leaves Marison’s house. “Let’s go to Ritas!” Goes to Ritas. Vrooom! Vroooom! “We got to go home!” Drops off Bryan. Gets dropped off at Tram’s. “Thanks guys. See you later” Vrrooom. Clank. Jingle. Click. Door opens. “Let’s watch a movie!” Inserts Grand Torino in. “I am tired” Watches the whole movie. Two hours later. Best movie ever. BEEEP BEEEP!! Mommy is outside. “Bye Tram!” Runs out to CVS. Takes shower.

Just another day.



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